Car Collectors Meet in Huntington Beach

February 4, 2012 Harald Vaagan No comments exist

Last night we got a visit from fellow norwegians, and all they talked about last night was about this car show that existed down in Huntington Beach. So we got up a little around 6 and drove down there to check it out!



Four norwegians pulls up to the parking lot in a rental when the sun’s about to show it’s wonders. We step out and into a special kind of non organized car show. It all started with some guys that had their weekly saturday car meet on the parking lot next to the donut shop 20 years ago.

These days there are a little more- about 200 cars pulls up every saturday morning, wright when the sun is about to rise. And by doing it so early, they get the whole parking space to themselves cs the stores haven’t opened yet except the donut shop.


So when Adams Ave Donuts opens people start to show up with their really nice cars. Most of them are old collector cars and are ether original or custom. Bad ass anyway if you ask me!

Just a few miles off the beaches it’s located at the corner of Magnolia and Adams Avenue inHuntington Beach

So in the blink of an eye, the place is packed with cars of all shapes, sizes and colors, accompanied by a list of attendees ranging from your next door neighbor to World Series champ Reggie Jackson. You never know who you’ll see or what you will hear but one thing’s for sure―the sound of engines humming in parade-style fashion heralds the arrival of hotrods, muscles, pickups,  woodies, sports and race cars, all jockeying for prime parking spaces to flip open their hoods and show off their engines.

Petersen Automotive Museum director Ken Gross, Hyundai’s chief U.S. designer Joel Piaskowski, Pikes Peak Climb champion Jeff Zwart, drag racer Art Chrisman, hot-rod builders & designers Chip Foose and Little John Butera are a few of the people who frequent this event.

With no flyers distributed, no fees charged and no one to blame should something go wrong, the event maintains success through its simple approachThis is the place to see and be seen, and if you have an agenda, sometimes you’ll get lucky and make a connection.

Where & When:

Location: Magnolia Ave & Adams Ave  in Huntington Beach, CA
Saturdays 6 to 9 a.m.
Cost: Free, it’s informal.
For donuts, try Adams Avenue Donuts, (714) 962-8921, 9015 Adams Avenue , Huntington Beach , CA 92646

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