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After the economic trouble we where witness to in  2008/09 we’ve seen a lot of changes around and for you as a traveller there’s been alot of them. Companies have had to turn every rock to save money, or should I say MAKE more. I totally understand that they’ve been in deep trouble, but it affects you and me when we’re travelling. So no sympathy from me, cause I have to save money too.

Extra fee for luggage sucks.
Extra fee for luggage sucks.

 Domestic and international airlines has in the last couple years changed their policy for baggage. So before you are going somewhere I suggest you should do some research on what’s the policy for your airline. I’ve done a little and here are some examples. Since I’m pretty much bying the cheapest tickets I can find, there’s                       

With  British Airways you can bring one single checked baggage (23 kilo) for all flights. Excluding Brazil, Ghana, Kenya,  Nigeria and connecting  journeys between India and USA. There’s also a limit on your hand luggage .  For the other excluding countries you can bring two standard- sized bags. If you for example want two bring two bags from USA to Norway you’ll have to pay an additional fee of 48 Dollars if you do it online. If you don’t check in online you’ll have to pay 12 Dollars extra. If you have one bag and one skibag instead, it cost the same. The new rules for allowances with B.A  came to life on October 7.

Norwegian, who’s a typical lowcost airline ( based in Norway ), has these rules. You are permitted to take two pieces of luggage per person per segment with a maximum weight of 20 kilos per piece. If the total weight of your luggage exceeds 40 kilos, or any of the pieces weigh more that 20 kilos, then the extra weight will be charged as excess luggage.If you have more than 2 items, these items will be charged as excess baggage, regardless of weight. If you want to bring a skibag it costs 214 NOK. Domestic; The fee for extra luggage when you check in online or by phone it’s 40 NOK per bag. International flights;  Maximum 60 NOK per bag. Double the fee if you want to pay at the airport.

This is just a little taste,  but i’ll be back with  more airlines. 

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