Big Bear

March 26, 2011 Harald Vaagan No comments exist


Skiing in California?? Ok, before my first trip to “sunny” California I didn’t know to much about The State Of California. First thing that comes to mind for sure is NOT loads of pow and great ski resorts. I couldn’t be more wrong. There’s actually MANY places to go!

Only a couple hours drive from Los Angeles area you’ll find Big Bear and Snow Summit. One day pass is actually valid for both of them and prices aren’t bad at all. Adult tickets are $ 56 and less then half price for kids $ 25.  Beiing so close to the coast it doesn’t get hit by big storms and heavy snowfall as much as other more famous resorts like Mammoth Mountain. But early this week they got 14 to 18 inches of powder. Nice! If the storms don’t bring enough snow they have several snow canons up there. Its a great getaway with a fun park and good runs. We went up there for our friends birthday and had lots of fun:)

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