Cheap Airline tickets!

January 21, 2010 Harald Vaagan No comments exist

If you’re restless and some vacation availible in the near future, I’ve got a couple options for you.
A round trip to Los Angeles tomorrow from Oslo, Norway doesen’t cost you more than 4247 NOK with British Airways. And with  the exchange rate  beeing so low for $ vs the NOK , it’s good times for us Norwegians too. 1 $ costs around 5.80 NOK.
But If you don’t want to travel that far I suggest a country in Europe, cs the exchange rate for Euro vs NOK is very low right now,       1 eur costs 8,14.
Does it sound tempting to go to Prague?  Around trip to Prague from Oslo with Norwegian Airline, doesen’t cost you more than 651 NOK, leaving the 25th of January and back on the 29th.
A trip to the Football island and London with Norwegian could be yours for 579 NOK. Leaving from Oslo 25th of january and back on the 27th.
Why wait?

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