December 19, 2012 Harald Vaagan No comments exist
Photo by Harald Vaagan
Photo by Harald Vaagan

Either this guy from China had a serious problem getting warm before the flight, or maybe he did something we’ve “all” ( me included )  been thinking about before we travel with an overweight baggage.

A man traveling from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport to Nairobi, Kenya was asked the same question like  when he was going through security and asked to take off his jacket and empty his pockets before walking through the scanner. And the man started taking off one after the other. 61 shirts in total and 9 pair of pants. And the guy would probably gotten away with it, too, if he hadn’t stuffed his pockets with batteries, thumb drives and device chargers, all of which triggered the metal detector alarm. hehe
I guess I was right, he didn’t want to pay for the overweight baggage fee.


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