Gopro cam.

January 16, 2010 Harald Vaagan No comments exist

This high definition HERO camerea is a must have this year! The worlds first 1080p HD wearable camera offering a full frame 960p 4:3 resolution and a massive 170-degrees of wide angle perspective, plus 720p 60 frames per second video. Battery life is approximately 2.5 hours and the battery pack is specifically designed to stay warm in cold conditions for optimal performance. 

This years must have gadget.
This years must have gadget.

 Put it on your head or even your surfboard and start taping, because you’ll have a blast when you get home and start loocking at all the amazing videoes you made earlier.  It’s even waterproof down to 60 meters below. The only obstacle you’ve got, is probably your own imagination in finding more ways to use it. Prices varies but expect to pay from  300- 400 $. I can’t really tell you any more, it’s just amazing! Visit their website for more info.

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