Killing Them Softly

December 4, 2012 Harald Vaagan No comments exist

Just back after watching Killing Them Softly or should I say “killing me softly” and I’m going to throw the dice.
Well, to start with here’s some of the main cast.
Brad Pitt,Ray Liotta Scoot McNairyBen MendelsohnJames Gandolfini,Vincent CuratolaRichard Jenkins Sam Sheperd. Anknow that it looks like alot of men, but
there’s women in this movie  too. Linara Washington, who plays a hooker, but like I mentioned, this is a mans movie. I’m just trying to make sure you’re aware of that this movie is mostly focused on some dirty business these guys has between them.
Brad Pitt is sent to fix up some mess after a Mob Protected Card game gets robbed. And thats the storyline.
They are trying so hard to be a gangster movie ( that’s what I feel their trying to do), and I kind of feel a little sorry for the wonderful cast because it’s not really flowing or moving. A least Brad Pitt makes a better performance than the Chanel commercial.
Close up scenes and a slow pace, spiced with some action scenes didn’t get me too exited. I think this movie gets old fast. The funny thing is that when award season comes around they’ll probably be nominated for a lot. For me this movie gets a simple 3. Done.

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