Sugar Beach, Philippines”looking back”

December 21, 2011 Harald Vaagan No comments exist
Sugar Beach, Philippines
Sugar Beach, Philippines

Five years ago me and a buddy of mine went to this incredible plays called Sugar Beach in the Philippines. We were looking for a remote place just to chill, and to end up at Sugar Beach was just incredible! The “resort” included 11 bungalows + entertaining bungalow and a bungalow for hospitality . They were all made out of driftwood, thereby the catching name “driftwood village”. Access: only by boat! Huge beach all to yourself.I remember this like it was yesterday because we were soo fare away from home, and we were getting close to the holidays. Christmas is such a special time for the family and to be so far away made us miss our loved ones even more. But we enjoyed every minute of it:) Take a look at the video underneath and you’ll understand!

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