Mammoth Mountain update

March 16, 2012 Harald Vaagan No comments exist

Mammoth Mountain and all other ski resorts in Northern America has been hitting some rough times finically. And with last years record snow level (@ Mammoth )  in mind, it just puts things in perspective when the snow level this year is as its lowest.
As a Mammoth Mountain season pass holder you get updates and newsletters from the CEO, and yesterday we all got one. 

And he finishes off his letter with these words;

“I think the MVP is a good deal. But the best deal is to use that pass you already paid for to come skiing or riding this week. I promise that you will have as much fun as I am. I look forward to seeing you on the mountain, NOW more than ever “

As you can read he sounds pretty desperate and I understand him.  A couple weeks ago they had to lay people off because there wasn’t any snow or people.  So if you are a pass holder and know you’ll ski for sure next winter, renew your pass sooner than later:)

So I might go on monday, if the conditions are good, because it’s almost like driving Trondheim – Oslo. ( a good 6 hour drive )

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