Mammoth Mountain

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Mammoth Mountain, the biggest ski resort in Calofornia is located slightly west of the town of Mammoth Lakes in Mono County. This has been the abode of all who likes to go down the slopes in powdery snow, whether it’s with board or skis on your legs.

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It all started back in the thirtys, when Dave McCoy saw his chance to create a lift. His optimism came as a result of the massive amounts of snow that  fell there, and this was  perfect for his plans for a ski resort.

Mammoth Mountain was formed by a series of volcanic eruptions that ended 57,000 years ago. There is no much activity anymore, but Mammoth still producing hazardous volcanic gases and kill trees and vegetation. A couple years ago a ski patrol slid down into one of the most assured holes and died. A tragic incident that reminds you about one of the hazards in the mountain.

The mountain is huge and the top doesen’t stop until you hit 3369 meters above sea level. So be careful when you go up  if it’s your first time in these hights. From the top and down to Main lodge it’s a drop of  650 meters. Mammoth is also popular because of it’s 7 “terrain parks” , spread over 90 acres and makes it a perfect place for competitions.

Backside on Mammoth Mountain


  Getting up is a breeze when there’s so many lifts to choose from.
The most spectacular way of getting up there is the gondola and lift 23 where you hang way above ground. Get good speed down here, if you like! . The longest stretch is over 5 km long.

Have a nice trip:)

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