Public transport in Oslo, Norway

March 11, 2010 Harald Vaagan No comments exist

Getting around Norway couldn’t be more easy and expensive. Despite the travel costs in this country I will list some of them here so it might help you a little:)

In all of the major cities there are good options for public transport such as trams, buses and subways. Some cities might be represented with only one of them. Oslo, the capital which I’m going to tell you about first has one of the best offers in public transport.

The train station is located in the heart of Oslo, and here’s a list over the most important transportation for visitors in the capital.
Subway, tram, buses, train, airport express train, airport bus shuttle. They are all listed with ticket info and schedules on this page

If you’re flying in to Oslo and OSL Gardermoen Airport and want to go the fastest way into the city your option is the express train. For students it costs 85 NOK and double price for regular fares. It’s pretty fast and gets you there in 20 minutes. If you want to take the airport bus shuttle into the city center of the capital it costs 75 NOK for students and 140 NOK for regular fares.  ETA at the city center is 45 min.
The railway goes also ‘through” the airport in case you need to travel by train to another part of the country.
Once you have gotten into the city center and the train station you’ve got options to take all of the transportation mentioned above.
If you still got questions regarding public transport ask for TRAFIKANTEN which is located right next to a Tiger Statue outside the train station. The location of the bus terminal is also located by the train station ( 2-5 min walk ). Look for signs in the train station.

Hope this was a little helpful before your travels to Oslo and Norway.
Have a nice trip:)

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