Public transport in Trondheim, Norway

March 15, 2010 Harald Vaagan 2 comments

Trondheim is the third largest city in Norway and located in the middle parts of Norway. Public transport in this city is good and overpriced.
When you land at the Airport there’s always airport shuttle buses waiting for you and taking you straight to the city center. Tickets costs 90 NOK and it takes about 35 minutes to get to the city. The airport shuttle bus is the only way to get there unless you pay a lot of money for a cab. Once you’re in the city there are many places to get off, ask the driver for some help if needed. They all know a little English. The most common place to stop is probably the central station, where the north and southbound trains goes from, and some of the local buses have their starting point on their route there.
The local bus company ( Team Trafikk ) takes you around the city and the close suburbs.
If you want to travel further by bus visit Nettbuss. In Trondheim there’s also a Tram that you can take from the city center. Gråkallbanen is the northernmost tramsystem i the world and has a lot of history. Take a trip and breath in the nostalgic air and see the sights from the tram.
So these are you options if you’re looking for public transportation in Trondheim. Not bad for a small city!

Have a nice trip:)

Got any questions? Post them and I’ll try and answer them as good as I can.

2 Comments on “Public transport in Trondheim, Norway

  1. How do I get information on public transport in Trondheim : bus line, bus route, fare, etc..

    Many thanks in advance


  2. Click on one my links in the article and you will enter the Norwegian web sites for Public transportation in Trondheim. If you want to call them the number for schedueles and fares the local number is 177. Some of the norwegian sites are not translated so I suggest you use the number.

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