Superbowl around the corner

February 2, 2012 Harald Vaagan No comments exist

Superbowl is getting closer by the minute now and we’re all pretty exited in each individual way. The majority in USA are most exited about the game of course on Sunday, but I bet there’s people out there that just can’t wait to start their Eating Bonanza! During Superbowl Weekend people consume an incredible quantity of food and drinks and
Americans sure does love their chicken wings, because they eat about 1.25 billions of them during this coming weekend!  (According to the U.S. National Chicken Council.)

Here’s some other number to chew on;)

 71.4 million: Estimated pounds of Hass avocados that will be consumed for the game this year, according to the Hass Avocado Board. That’s enough to cover Indianapolis’ Lucas Oil Stadium end zone to end zone in more than 27.5 feet in avocados.

17: Average number of people at any given Super Bowl party, according to

32: Percentage of U.S. grill owners who will be firing up on Game Day. According to Weber, the Super Bowl ranks as one of the top 10 most popular ” holidays” to grill.

Homer Simpson says; HMMMMMMMMMMM Beeeeeeeer! Fellow americans sure like beer to because they drink about 325 million Gallons of it.

According to The Calorie Control Council  in USA,
americans will eat about

— 11.2 million pounds of potato chips.

— 8.2 million pounds of tortilla chips.

— 4.3 million pounds of pretzels.

— 3.8 million pounds of popcorn.

— 2.5 million pounds of nuts during their Super Bowl parties.

The potato chips alone will account for 27 billion calories and 1.8 billion grams of fat.

Bon appétit


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