We love “Bymarka” in Trondheim

March 1, 2010 Harald Vaagan No comments exist

The city of Trondheim is located on the coast in the middle parts of Norway. Trondheim has a lot to offer visitors with museums, local architecture, the small village of  Bakklandet with it’s charming atmosphere,  the biggest Cathedral in Norway and so much more.
Among those things are the scenery and the local outdoor area for people to escape the busy streets of Trondheim and to go hiking or skiing in the winter.

Trondheim’s main and biggest city forest park is located slightly west of the city center and covers about 80 km2. To go skiing in the winter’s no problem up there ( when it’s snow ) with over 250 km of ski trails to choose from. 25 km of the trails are actually lighted up in the winter in case you don’t make in time before the sun goes down. I’ve made it time many a lot recently and would like you to get informed about the beautiful scenery that we have so close to our city.

The history of the ski center goes all the way back to 25 Th of January1896 when they first started welcoming people to the “Skistuen ved Graakallen”
The natural meeting point got expanded several times before it sadly burned down after fireworks caught fire on New Years Eve  1947. A German cabin was temporarily put up next to the burning ground of “Skistuen” before they got finished with the new cabin in 1950. The costs where set to be 500 000 NOK, a lot more then in 1896 when the costs where set to be 11 500 NOK.
After the opening people have used the forest diligently around the cabin and fallen in love with Trondheim’s outback.

For many people who uses the forest it’s always a goal to reach the highest mountain which is Storheia ( 566 meters above sea level ) and same goes for me.

Visit this link to see a map with the trails in the main city forest.

You can also see a little video of skiing there, made by me with a tiny flip video camera.

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