Welcome to Paradise

March 24, 2010 Harald Vaagan 2 comments

Beeing fortunate and able to visit some of the most amazing places in the world i’ve come up with a top three list.

I couldn’t possibly rate these three in front of the other beacause they’re all special in their own way.
Sugar beach ( beeing among the top three ) is located right outside of Sipalay on the Island of Negros in the Philippines. To get there you have to take a boat for 20 minutes beacause there’s no roads leading to this paradise.  We had only read about this place in a travellers guide and had wagly information and didn’t really know what to expect.  After looking around  for transportation in Sipalay and talking to a lot of locals we found out that we had to call up the owners of the place we where going to and have them to pick us up.

The boat glides through krystal clear water and onto the empty Sugar Beach. We jump out of the boat and walk up to our final destination, Driftwood Village.
The resort is mainly build up by driftwood ( therefore it’s name ) and bamboo from around.
It contains of 10- 12 small bungalows and they’re all different from eachother. Then there’s the main building with kitchen, a dining area and a bar, everything litelary on the beach.

The swiss  runned resort has been welcoming guests since mid 2002 and what a place to be welcomed to.

Our plan was to stay for only a couple days due to our tight scheduele, but we totally fell in love with Sugar Beach and stayed there for a week.
They had everything we needed there with a kicthen serving wonderful food with a even more amazing dining area. But it wasn’t the food that took my breath away. It was the scenery. Starting with the beautiful beach that we had completely to ourselves, moving on to the open sea where the sun show us some of the most spectaular sunsets i’ve seen.
During the day we went snorkeling among boat wrecks, reefs and lots of fish. The view under water was amazing!

After a “hard” day at sea it was so chill to just kick back in the huge hammocks and absorb all the beauty around.

So if you’re in the neighbourhood, don’t hesitate and take a trip to Sugar Beach.
I still dream about this place and you’ll probably do that to after visiting paradise in the Philippines.

Here’s a little video from Sugar Beach.

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